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DomiNations is a freemium 2015 mobile massively multiplayer strategy game developed and published by Big Huge Games. The game was released on April 1st 2015. Players build a base with Defense, Economy and Army. An example of a military building is the Barracks along with several world wonders and a City Center

How to get Money and Crowns

Players can choose to play as any of 8 different nations - British, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean or Roman; and advance through 14 ages from the Age of Dawn to the Digital Age, expanding the base in each age After training the appropriate troops, players look for suitable opponents to attack and obtain spoils and medals Training the trop to get these boots would be a lot easier if you had unlimited money and crowns, right? Well, look no further! We offer you a very useful generator with which you can get the resources you need for free. You will have the desired resources in an unlimited way All you have to do is enter your username in the game and the number of resources you want to get. Once you have done this, press the start button and... you will have all the resources in the game Use our generator, it's fast, reliable and very easy to use. What are you waiting for? Start generating!

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